R.I.C.E. on Hydra
The Choreography of Humans
Hydra, Greece

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Founded in 2013, R.I.C.E. is a cultural initiative on Hydra island (Greece), bringing together renowned artists, thinkers and local citizens. Dedicated to exploring the choreography of humans it aims to envision human relations (personal, political and social) with the sensibilities of an artist, poet, dancer.

Throughout the year R.I.C.E. is active in maintaining a network of artists, researcher and partners. Based on emerging dialogues R.I.C.E. entangles life and art to recursively observe, reflect and act. The outcomes can be concrete (social choreographies, advocacy, performance, texts etc.) as well as ephemeral. In August 2015 R.I.C.E. launched the Ricean School of Dance that quickly established itself as the annual centre-piece of R.I.C.E.'s activities. For the period of 10 days in August RSOD regularly hosts over 50 people from abroad and Greece as well as the mixed ability group EnDynamei on the island of Hydra. 

In winter 2016 the organisation shape shifted for the first time into an emergency relief initiative to elevate some of the suffering caused by the refugee crisis. A team of volunteers distributed 100 survival kits for young refugee families arriving on Chios island. The funds were raised through R.I.C.E.'s international network of concerned individuals.

R.I.C.E. purposefully depends on the generosity of numerous locals, the municipality of Hydra , and in the past has been supported by the Historical Archive Museum of Hydra, and the Hydra Nautical Academy. Founded on self-organizing principles national and international artists are welcome to join by following us on Facebook or taking part in one of R.I.C.E.’s activities.

Abandoning art as mere entertaining commentator to the grand spectacle of our unfolding society, R.I.C.E. pursues new forms of civic life and social ethics that emerge from the basis of embodied reality: sensing and aligning demos—the collective body—within democracy.