R.I.C.E. on Hydra
The Choreography of Humans
Hydra, Greece

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Upon his return he relished the thought that a strange inversion must have taken place in men during some phase of his becoming. What was christened supernatural seemed, in the realm of the senses, to really be the lining of it all (…), as it is, and always will be (…), whereas that named natural was in fact supernatural, a crude echo of unbound richness. He took it upon himself to twist the meanings into their rightful place...
—Tyrone O'Ros

The Ricean School of Dance: the school without teachers since 2015.

RSOD is a summer gathering of around 50 artists and engaged citizens in order to develop and engage new artistic and social strategies. RSOD takes place during the month of August.

The constituting principle of the school is self-actuated, in-depth research in a setting of aesthetic abundance. Within a milieu that facilitates formal and non-formal exchanges, the school offers its students the opportunity to develop artistic practice within social context. RSOD engages no teachers but invites exchange that comes from the sharing of knowledge. A curriculum of neither led nor taught artistic research formats is in place and open to development. Most formats in place were developed by various participants in previous editions of RSOD.

RSOD is a place where ‘the one who moves teaches’. Bare and sufficient conditions are provided for inspired individuals to learn for themselves through each other. Participants are trusted to contribute in meaningful ways to the determination of the school’s actions; to be interested in fundamental concerns; to allow for mistakes to happen; to initiate projects without the necessity of logic or conclusion; and to fearlessly offer their intelligence.

RSOD 2017: 17-26 August 2017. There are limited spaces but everyone is encouraged to apply through an simple and informal process:
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